Testimonials & Recommendations

People have been kind enough to recommend me on Linkedin and Naymz.  I also have a profile on Plaxo.


My Linkedin profile has three recommendations where:

Chris Adkin says

“I worked with Colin for the best part of two years at Siemens Metering Services.  Throughout the time I have known Colin, he has always showed the utmost professionalism and never stinted in passing on (and documenting) his knowledge or nuances of whatever he was working on.”  January 8, 2009.

Linda Doe says

“Colin has helped me enormously to review my company IT.  His advice is straightforward and understandable.  His recommended solutions fit well with my budget and objectives.  Whilst his technical knowledge and enthusiasm is clearly huge, he has not blinded me with technical detail I cannot understand.  I am happy to recommend his services to other businesses looking to get the most from their IT in order to meet the needs of their business.”  December 16, 2009.

Paul Stevens says

“Colin's experience of the database administration world taught me many of the skills that I took forward as a DBA and DBA Team Leader.  He he a very knowledgeable person and has a great deal of experience.”  January 11, 2010.


I have a profile on Naymz.com which has the original postings of the comments below.  Colin MacKellar on Naymz.com

Angus Glen-West says

“Colin is dedicated to his work and shows commitment / loyalty to the company that he works for.  A true asset to any IT team.”  16/04/08.

Ken O'Hagan says:

“Colin is a consummate professional, always ready to take time to explain things in details to make sure you understand them.  This comes from an in-depth knowledge of his subject matter.  I would look forward to the day we can work together again.”  15/04/08.

Lance Mitchell says:

“I have known Colin for well over thirty years, and I trust him completely.  Colin is a man who will tell you the truth, even if it does not make good listening.  If he doesn't know the answer, he will tell you so, but he usually does, and you should listen to him.  I would definitely welcome the opportunity to work with Colin again should that opportunity arise.”  15/04/08.


To find me on http://www.plaxo.com just type “Colin MacKellar" in the search box, I'm the one in Stamford in UK.  So far, Plaxo has no facility to do testimonials or recommendations.

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