About Colin's Website


The directory structure is intended to mirror the navigation structure, it's essentially flat. 


The ideas and script fragments come from tested scripts that I have been using in the real world.  I have simplified the material for presentation, so it's possible that something has been lost in the transition to these pages.  Please look out for typos and so on.


The HTML is written using AceHTML Pro from Visicom and other editors, including vi, NoteTab Light and UltraEdit.  The CSS is based on the examples from BlueRobot.com modified to my taste. 

There aren't supposed to be browser dependencies, if you find something that looks wrong, please mention it, so I can try to fix it.

This site is hosted by The Positive Internet Company, and they've given me pretty good service.  The http server supports PHP and many other good things, which may appear on this site without warning.

You can reach me by email at

colin full-stop mackellar at nojunk really bcs dot org dot uk [sorry, the address isn't clickable because scripting is off]

or you can text me on +44 7771 797568.

  Copyright 2007 Colin MacKellar. All rights reserved.